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What's the deal with O2 and compensation for bank holiday outage?

As you’re probably aware, certainly if you’re an O2 customer, the network suffered a major outage later on yesterday – and now we’ve had word from the operator on the subject of possible compensation for users.

Service went out for many customers from 16:00 GMT yesterday, through until the end of the day, affecting users in London, Manchester, Glasgow and also areas of Northern Ireland.

However, the Telegraph reports there will be no blanket compensation offered by O2 when it comes to this latest downtime, but customers who have been affected will be able to claim from the network. O2 says those claims will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

The previous outage in July 2012, however, was more hard-hitting, taking almost a full day to fix (20 hours), and O2 said this was an exceptional circumstance, and that blanket compensation wouldn’t be offered again.

(That compensation, incidentally, consisted of a £10 O2 voucher to spend in-store, and contract customers got 10 per cent off that particular month, with PAYG users benefiting from an extra 10 per cent on their following top-up).

Those currently asking about #compensation on Twitter are being given a blanket response (or some slight variation thereof) by O2, along the lines of: “We’re sorry for any impact you experienced. Service was restored last night. We aren't giving compensation in this instance.”

So customers aren’t exactly being encouraged to stake their claim…