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Force Touch will be arriving on the iPhone 6S and iOS 9?

We've heard from several sources thus far that the next iPhone will come with Force Touch on board, and now another has chimed in.

According to 9 to 5 Mac, who spoke to multiple sources, Force Touch will come with iOS 9, and will be built into the iPhone 6S, although it won't work in the same way as it does with the Apple Watch.

Whereas with Apple's smartwatch, it's an integral part of the interface, allowing access to extra UI functions on the very small display, with the iPhone it will be designed more with power users in mind.

Specifically, it will be used to streamline the interface on the iPhone, possibly replacing some “long press-and-hold button interactions”, 9 to 5 Mac notes.

It will also offer pressure sensitive scrolling, and will produce haptic feedback.

Force Touch won’t just be used with the core interface of iOS 9 either, as apparently Apple is planning to let developers utilise the functionality in their own third-party apps. That could mean some pretty neat features, for example in games where haptic feedback could definitely go down well.

9 to 5 Mac’s sources have also brought forth information on Apple Pay, and which country is in line to get it next. Only the US has the system currently, but sadly it will be Canada and not the UK where the payment service lands next, the rumour mongers reckon.

This particular nugget comes due to the fact that iOS 9’s Passbook app has had all the necessary bits and pieces bolted on to support banks, credit cards and the like in Canada.

As we heard last week, iOS 9 will also have another new default app by the name of Home, which will be a central hub for managing smart home devices that use the HomeKit API. Apple is expected to unveil this app at WWDC 2015 next month.

Darren Allan

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