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Google will now start to show tweets in search results

Twitter has become more than just a soundboard for those looking to voice an opinion -- although obviously it is still that. It has morphed into a valuable research for delivering information in real time. This is particularly useful when it comes to keeping up to date with breaking news.

Starting today Google will tap into this wealth of information for its search results. The feature is starting life in Google apps on iOS and Android mobile devices, but will spread its way around the world and to the desktop soon.

Introducing the feature in a blog post, Twitter suggests that when searching for information about celebrities, as well as the usual pages you would expect to see in the results, you will also see tweets they have posted. It’s likely to be something that really comes into its own when looking for details about breaking news stories however, with Twitter tending to be far more up to date and easier to navigate that flicking between multiple news sites.

As the feature is starting out on mobile platforms, it should come as little surprise that there is integration with the Twitter apps. Click a tweet that is highlighted in search results and it will be displayed in the app rather than on a web page.