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OnePlus Two reveal coming next week?

It seems that, after much speculation that the sequel to the OnePlus One was about to be unveiled on previous occasions, that the reveal will finally now take place at the start of June.

This news comes courtesy of a tweet made by OnePlus which was spotted by the International Business Times.

The Twitter post read: “We’re always looking for ways to shake up the tech industry. And we think it’s time for change. Find out more June 1.”

That in itself doesn’t give any major hints that the OnePlus Two is going to be revealed at the start of next week, but the accompanying picture is certainly a clue.

The image (which you can see above) shows a picture of the OnePlus One with an eraser next to it, with the handset half rubbed out, and the words “time to change” written next to it. Really, the message couldn’t be much clearer, and it seems pretty certain that the OnePlus One is set to be replaced with its sequel, the OnePlus Two.

Obviously nothing is guaranteed at this point, but we find it difficult to believe that this could be some sort of minor update or change (like a price cut for the existing handset) as some others have speculated.

So mark your calendars – next Monday is the day when we should see what OnePlus has up its sleeve in terms of following up its innovative launch handset.

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