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Twitter bots show how freaky Uber and Lyft rides can be

An average Lyft or Uber passenger can come across some really strange and hilariously twisted things, and for some of us reading these experiences is quite entertaining.

That’s why I would like to personally thank Hilary Mason for creating Twitter bots that retweet when someone includes the words “my uber driver” or “my lyft driver”.

The two bots that can be found at these two links retweet some extremely hilarious content, like this guy asking around for orgies, this middle-aged man listening to Hannah Montana, or this generous individual who gave weed to her passenger.

And those are just things happening on Uber rides.

Lyft has its share of dubious content.

“Why did my lyft driver try to convince me to let him do hypnotherapy on me last night?”, asks one user, while another one was worried about what his driver was doing.

“Lol ok my @lyft driver today has a breathalyzer machine in his car that he had to blow in while driving. This company is a joke”, he tweeted.

Mason, the founder of Fast Forward Labs, created two twitter bots for fun, Business Insider quotes her saying.

"It's really simple," Mason said. "It was just a fun, frivolous project."

"The particular demographic of people who use these services are going to say funny things," Mason said. "We all have our own experiences, but here's a little taste of what the world sees."

Uber did not respond with comment, while a Lyft spokesperson said that "Our social support team actively monitors all mentions of Lyft on social media and immediately follows up with both drivers and passengers to answer questions and resolve any issues."