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Will the prices of Sony smartphones soon be rising?

Things aren’t going well for Sony on the smartphone front at the moment, and it appears that currency fluctuations certainly aren’t helping the company.

According to a report on Reuters, Sony is suffering at the hands of the dollar gaining momentum against the yen – and it needs not just to cut costs and streamline operations, but to “tweak” the pricing of its phones in order to compensate.

In other words, we may see Sony handsets start to creep up in terms of their price tag in some markets.

This particular nugget comes straight from the mouth of the Sony exec Hiroki Totoki, Chief Executive Officer and President of Sony Mobile Communications US.

Totoki said: "We're seeing a strengthening in the dollar under way. But despite the impact of exchange rates, we would like to limit losses through pricing and lower operating expenses.”

There was more worrying news for Sony yesterday, as new smartphone figures for Q1 of 2015 from TomiAhonen Consulting found that the company had slipped out of the top 10 global phone vendors, displaced by some new Chinese entrants, including the likes of Vivo.

It is also doubtful how much impact the new Sony Xperia Z3+ will have on the market, given that it isn’t a huge upgrade on last year’s model. All in all, it’s certainly a rocky picture for Sony right now when it comes to handsets.

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