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8 reasons why Pebble Time is better than Apple Watch

The Apple Watch might be the “hottest“ wearable gadget nowadays, but it's far from the perfect smartwatch.

As a matter of fact, there are other watches out that exceed the Watch in key areas. Take the Pebble smartwatch for example – it is a worthy adversary to the Watch, to say the least.

Here are eight functions which might make you think twice before you buy:

Longer lasting battery

Battery life is, without a doubt, one of the most important features of any smart device today, and in that area, Pebble ‘outlives’ the Watch by far.

Apple Watch has a battery lasting 18 hours on a single charge, meaning you will have to charge it every night. Pebble says its new Time smartwatch can last up to seven days on a single charge. Business Insider’s tests have shown that the watch can live four days on a single charge. Not as good as claimed, but still much better than the Watch.

Always-on screen

The Watch has a screen which mimics that of an iPhone. It turns itself off when you don’t look at it, and turns itself on only when you make a time-checking gesture. Pebble Time's colour "e-paper" display is a battery sipper and stays on all day and night for days. It’s not as fancy as Apple’s display, but it gets the job done.

Water resistant

The Pebble Time can survive 30 meters under water, while the Apple Watch is only rated for water resistance down to one meter (three feet). Now this means your Watch will survive a shower or dish washing, but don’t get thrown in a pool wearing one.


This is a no-brainer. Apple Watch works only with the iOS, while Pebble can operate on both Android and the iOS. It can also work with more iPhones than the Watch itself, as it supports the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4s.

Wrist straps

Pebble uses the international standard for wrist straps, meaning you can use any of the millions of watch straps available. The Apple Watch's straps are beautiful, but you can only use Apple's own straps that can get extremely expensive.

Smart straps

Yes, Pebble is getting smart straps, too. Those will have additional functionality, like a heart rate monitor. They’re not yet available, but the developer’s kit is.


The Pebble is cheaper. Time costs $199 (£129), while the Apple Watch costs at least $349 (£228). Those are the cheapest variants of both watches, and there are other, more expensive versions. In every instance, Pebble Time is cheaper than the Apple Watch.

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