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Lenovo reveals dual-screened smartwatch and innovative smartphone

Lenovo is going big on innovation, having announced a few interesting new products at the Lenovo Tech World event over in Beijing, China.

These concept products included a dual-screened smartwatch, smart shoes, and a smartphone that features an integrated laser projector along with a motion sensor.

Starting with the watch, forget Apple’s Force Touch, Lenovo has a very different idea about how to cope with the very small display size on these gadgets – namely, to have two screens.

The Magic View smartwatch has a second screen, which Lenovo calls the virtual interactive display, which sort of hangs down and merges with the strap, just below the main watch face (see the image above). The company says that the screen uses “optical reflection” to create a virtual display which is 20 times larger than the main smartwatch display – the only caveat being you have to hold it up quite close to your eyes to get the effect of the larger display.

It’s certainly a very novel twist, and the idea is you can look at photos or watch videos with a nice large viewing area on your smartwatch.

The smartphone is called Smart Cast, and comes with a built-in laser projector along with an infrared motion detector. This allows the user to project a virtual touchscreen onto any nearby surface, so not only can you project a movie onto a wall for some big screen action, you can also do things like projecting a keyboard onto a table to allow you to type.

Finally Lenovo also has smart shoes in the works which track and crunch fitness data, and can provide maps and navigation instructions, plus they also monitor a person’s mood (quite how that works wasn’t explained).

Yang Yuanqing, chairman and CEO of Lenovo, commented: “We will deliver innovation like we showed here today to solve problems and address customer pain points. We will bring together hardware software and services to transform the user experience. This is our vision, and we showed some glimpses of the next wave of Lenovo innovation here today.”

Darren Allan

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