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Rewards program coming to Apple Pay in next update

Apple Pay will receive a few updates at the Worldwide Developer Conference next month, including a new rewards program for customers using Apple’s payment service regularly.

Google will employ the same reward program alongside peer-to-peer debit transfers and launch a new app called Android Pay today at Google I/O, meaning Apple has to make a few announcements on Apple Pay to keep it in the spotlight.

The new rewards program should bring customers back to Apple Pay and participating retailers, although specific details of the program have not been disclosed. Apple might offer hefty rewards for using Apple Pay at stores, in order to keep the customer using its own payment service and not a bank or retailers card.

These rewards could be anything from cash back to free purchases after spending a certain amount, or loyalty rewards for customers that return to a store quite a few times in a short period.

Apple Pay sparked the emergence of mobile payments, even though PayPal Here, Google Wallet and other payments services had been around long before. It has started a trend in the US for contactless payment options in stores, with more retailers coming round to the idea of payments through mobile.

WWDC 2015 could be where Apple finally announces expansion for Apple Pay into Europe. Belgium bank KBC leaked the information in a tweet, stating Apple Pay support would be available sometime in the summer.

Apple has been having trouble in some European countries when it comes to bank support. In the UK, an earlier launch was postponed due to one major bank not wanting to work with Apple on the mobile payments service.

Source: The New York Times

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