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Whitepaper: Accelerate IT Service Delivery by Simplifying Traditional Infrastructure Management

In order for Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) leaders to better support the needs of their businesses, both now and in the future, many are turning to converged infrastructure (CI). Unlike monolithic, hardware-defined infrastructure, software-defined converged infrastructure adapts quickly and intelligently to workloads while providing faster time-to-deployment and better end-to-end management and life cycle support.

Through improved agility and simplified system management, CI systems will soon enable more autonomous data center operations. In addition, as CI components become more dynamic, they will provide greater alignment between infrastructure and workload, allowing for simplified, but intelligent control. As a result, CI systems will be able to automatically allocate and align resources to nonlinear and unpredictable workloads, relieving the time consuming manual tasks and complexities of older infrastructure.

To read more, download the whitepaper below.

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