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Acer boosts wearables range with three new devices

Taiwanese hardware maker Acer announced three new wearable devices yesterday, increasing its arsenal of wrist-worn smart devices, and giving all other manufacturers a run for their money.

The three wearables are a part of the Liquid wearable line-up, and as their names explain, they have been created with every class of user in mind.

Acer has thus introduced the Leap Active “for socially active young-minded consumers”, the Leap Fit “for health-conscious consumers”, and the Leap Curve “with a unique curved screen for urban style-seekers”.

I have no clue what any of those classes mean, but they use fancy words like ‘young-minded’ and ‘urban style-seekers’ so I’m guessing they ought to be good.

However, these devices do sport certain features which might explain how Acer got to those fancy words. For example, the Leap Active offers interchangeable bands with vibrant colours and notifications, and it can also be used as a remote control for your smartphone’s media player.

The Acer Liquid Leap Fit has a built-in heart rate sensor as well as a stress sensor that can alert you to the fact that you're at your limit.

The Leap Curve is the classy one in the bunch. It has a 1.40-inch curved screen that sits nicely on your wrist. That display is surrounded by a metal frame, which, in turn, is flanked by bands of premium material, which Acer doesn't specify.

Acer has failed to specify prices and availability of the devices, but has said that they will be on display at Acer’s booth at Computex from June 2nd to 6th at the TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall 4th Floor, Booth M0810 in Taipei.