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FIFA 16 introduces women, male gamers freak out

The year is 2015, and here I am, having to write about the reactions many people had on FIFA 16 finally including women's teams in the game.

There's a wireless, remote-controlled robot on Mars, 225,300,000 kilometres away, quite possibly the biggest achievement mankind has accomplished, and at the same time, people are whining about a women’s football team in a video game.

For all those who don’t know what’s going on: EA Sports’ FIFA is a football game for the PC, Xbox and PlayStation, and together with PES, the greatest, most popular football game in the world. Every year the game gets slightly updated, with certain gameplay tweaks and facelifts to the players, but this year, for the first time in a long, long time, FIFA has actually gotten a significant change, and one which should have been done ages ago – it included women.

There will be a total of 12 women’s national teams in the upcoming game, and the trailer posted on YouTube sparked insane reactions.

“And I am out of the game”, says one commenter. “I hope to god that this doesn't happen to PES 2016”, says another.

Rage against the machine is nothing new, especially when it comes to video games and the internet – remember how people freak out every time Facebook introduces a change?

But what happened here is somewhat different – these trolls have scored an own goal, proving that a lot of gamers are still immature. This isn’t a different game. If you’re a Barcelona fan, you play with Barcelona and you don’t play Real Madrid. The same is for females, you’re not forced to play them.

Hell, you’re not being forced into buying the game in the first place.

FIFA is finally bringing positive change to the game, and putting female football in the limelight. Truth be told, it deserves some attention. As Stuff’s Chris Kerr noticed, 55,000 supporters came to see England’s women play Germany at Wembley last year. A few weeks prior, England’s men played Norway. The attendance? 40,181.