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LG G5 set to launch with iris scanner?

Fingerprint scanners are nothing new these days – on premium phones where the bill of materials sheet doesn’t have to be watched too closely, that is – but we’ll soon be looking to other methods of biometric authentication.

And one of those will be iris recognition, with the buzz on the mobile grapevine being that LG plans to incorporate this tech into its next flagship phone.

That’s the word from a Korean tech site (via G for Games) which claims that “local reports” indicate that the LG G5 is “likely” to have an iris scanner for security purposes. The sensor is apparently coming from IRIENCE, a Korea-based biometrics outfit.

The website’s sources claim that IRIENCE has a finished hardware module for iris recognition, and is currently working on tweaking the software to improve the distance at which it recognises the user’s eye to 50cm (from 30cm which is the current range – rather too short for comfort). This will take a few months – so there’s still plenty of time for the sensor to be incorporated for testing on the G5.

Handsets are already on the market which use iris scanning, for example the Arrows NX F-04G over in Japan. This 5.2in octa-core phone is already being used with a payment system over in the Far East to make for easy and secure purchasing.

Iris recognition offers very tight security – this isn’t anything like facial recognition which can potentially be fooled by something as simple as a photo of the user – and another major benefit over and above fingerprint scanning is the fact that the process is a swifter one.

Darren Allan

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