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Microsoft on track for Windows 10 release in July

Microsoft is on track to release Windows 10 by July, according to multiple internal sources inside Redmond working on the final code for the operating system.

Windows 10 has been Microsoft’s most collaborative effort, working with hundreds of thousands of insiders from around the world spotting bugs and using the operating system, allowing Microsoft developers to sniff out issues with the new OS.

The collaborative effort will continue up until June, when Microsoft closes off all new code and starts polishing for July release.

Previous releases of Windows were shipped to OEM partners much earlier than consumers, but with Windows 10 that date will be around the same. That means customers will be able to update their old machines before manufacturers manage to launch a desktop or laptop.

Microsoft is still focused on making all Windows 7 and 8 users into Windows 10 users. The free model should help push that along, although it might once again come down to whether older users want to jump into a new user interface.

Windows 10, unlike the previous update Windows 8, brings back legacy features like the Start Menu and Microsoft has added several features for power users, to better manage several applications at once.

Microsoft is bound to note how well its insider program worked before launch, to keep users interested in future updates. Google is planning a developer preview for Android M and Apple is reportedly planning to release iOS 9 and the next Mac OS X update early for those that want to be apart of the bug fixing process, showing the success of Microsoft’s program.