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Antique Apple-1 computer makes £130,000 on sale

An elderly lady gave away some boxes that belonged to her departed husband, obviously not knowing what one of them contained.

She gave the boxes to the recycling company CleanBayArea, but when they opened it, they found an antique Apple-1 computer. The company said the lady, aged somewhere between 60 and 70, didn’t leave any identification information.

If they misjudged her age, not even the cheque for $100,000 (£65,000) that they want to give her won’t save them.

Yes, they want to give her the check, as they managed to sell the antique computer for roughly $200,000 (£130,000), and they want to split the earnings.

The lady didn’t leave any identification information, which is why the company recorded a video asking people to help them track her down.

"The boxes of e-waste had been sitting in CleanBayArea's warehouse for a couple weeks until a CleanBayArea recycling manager opened the box and found the Apple-1 computer under a bunch of cables and old keyboards," said the firm under its YouTube-posted call for assistance.

"It is one of only 200 of the original Apple-1 computers that were produced in 1976 which sold for $666.66 at the time.

"The Apple-1 computer we received was sold to a private collector for roughly $200,000 and CleanBayArea needs help finding the woman that dropped it off in order to give her the $100,000 (50 per cent of the total sale) back."

Last year a mystery buyer spent £441,709 for one of the six remaining working Apple-1 computers at auction.