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Windows gets a ‘reserve Win 10’ button on the system tray

Are you freaked out about the strange new Windows icon that has appeared this morning in your system tray?

Don't worry, that's just the „get my free Windows 10“ button. And you thought the „free Windows 10“ was just some marketing stunt that will later prove a hoax, didn't you?

Well, Microsoft really is giving away Windows 10 as a free upgrade for everyone using Windows 7 and 8, and that *really* means everyone – including those having pirated versions of the OS.

However, this is not a download button, but a reserve button. Windows 10 is still not available for download.

Clicking the button opens a pop-up screen explaining how the process works. Give Microsoft your email address—or not—and then Windows 10 will automatically download to your computer once Microsoft greenlights it.

When will that be? Well, according to a blog post by Microsoft’s Terry Myerson from this morning, Windows will be released on July 29. A little less than two months from today.

As we recently found out, Windows 10 will be the final version of Windows, and this one is made to work on all platforms, including smartphones, tablets and PCs. The new OS will have Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana, the new browser called Edge that’s made to replace the dreaded Internet Explorer. The IE will, however, still be present in the OS.

The OS also brings new Photos, Videos, Music, Maps, People, Mail & Calendar apps, and we will finally say goodbye to the Media Player.