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5 apps that can earn you easy money

We’ve all heard of apps costing you money – anyone who’s played Candy Crush’s is well aware that mobile software can be a major drain on the wallet – but what about apps that can improve your financial situation?

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Although the following apps are unlikely to make you millions, they can provide you with a bit of extra spending money each month, many of which require no more work than simply interacting with your phone.


The TaskRabbit concept isn’t particularly revolutionary – getting paid in exchange for carrying out tasks – but giving users a mobile platform to access jobs in the local area has certainly made the process a lot easier.

The app is currently available in a number of US cities, but only operates in London in the UK. In order to join the service as a “Tasker,” you’ll need to be approved first but once that’s out of the way, you can start earning some pocket money by completing a number of jobs. If you fancy yourself as a handyman, dog walker, cleaner, or all-round helpful individual, then why not sign up and start earning?

Receipt Hog

Making money simply by taking photographs of receipts may sound too good to be true, but it is possible with Receipt Hog.

Receipt Hog users supply the company with valuable market research and are rewarded with coins, which can then be exchanged for real money. 1,000 coins in the app translates to $5, which can then be redeemed via PayPal or gift cards.

Long-time users of the app will also get the chance to earn money through other methods such as filling out consumer surveys.


How many times do you swipe your phone’s lock screen each day? For most people, it’s too many times to remember, but every time you do, you could be earning money.

Slidejoy replaces your usual lock screen with a promoted news story or advert tailored to you. Users can decide to swipe left to see more information about the content, swipe up for an alternative lock screen or swipe right to get to your home screen.

The good thing is, whether you choose to engage or ignore the ad, you’ll still received the same amount of money, with pay-outs determined purely on the number of times you use your lock screen. Users can decide to receive their money via PayPal or choose to donate it to a number of charities supported by the app.

On average users can make between $5 and 15 each month, so it’s a great way to earn some cash in exchange for very little effort.


Viggle doesn’t reward users with cash per se, but it does offer plenty of gifts and other rewards, simply for watching TV or listening to music. Whenever you’re watching a show or playing a track, simply activate the Viggle app and it will identify the content and reward you with points. TV shows earn one point for every minute you’re checked in, while songs also see your score increase.

Once you have enough points they can be redeemed for more audio and visual content or cashed in to buy electronics, trips away or gift cards. Since the app launched in 2011, Viggle has given away more than $22 million in rewards.

Inbox Dollars

As you can tell from this list, market research is a multi-million pound industry and you can help yourself to a slice of that particular pie with a number of apps.

One of the most popular is Inbox Dollars, which pays users to take surveys, play games and surf the Internet. Users are paid via cheque once they’ve earned $30, but you will receive $5 just for joining.

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The app also offers discounts at a number of online retailers in the US, including Walmart and GAP.