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Apple Internet TV service might be removed from WWDC event

The Worldwide Developer Conference is Apple’s second major event this year, following on from the launch of the 12-inch MacBook and Apple Watch in March. Apple plans to launch iOS 9, the next version of Mac OS X, relaunch Beats Music, revamp iTunes Radio and announce the first HomeKit products.

One announcement removed from the list is the Internet TV service, reported by several outlets earlier this year. Apple is still negotiating terms with several TV providers, making it an uneasy time to announce pricing and channel availability.

Apple might hint that such a service is coming, but timeframe, channels and price will be left out of the announcement. Some of the technology running TV programmers servers is still under development as well, meaning Apple’s demo might run into issues finding and streaming content.

The Internet TV service will feature all of the main channels, but NBC Universal is out of negotiations due to a disagreement between Apple and NBC’s owner Comcast. CBS CEO Les Moonves also hinted that price talks were ongoing and both parties were not completely satisfied.

It will be hard for Apple to get its own way this time. Unlike the music industry, currently the TV industry is experiencing new life thanks to services like Netflix acquiring licensing rights to show TV shows and movies, alongside several cable channels managing to open their own service for fans online.

Apple will need to show TV content creators that its own service will be the favorite amongst millions, better than Sling TV and PlayStation Vue. Apple has plans to integrate heavily with other streaming services, creating a cross app search for TV shows and movies on the Apple TV.

WWDC 2015 is right in the middle of the year, but if Apple cannot hit this target for the Internet TV service we expect it will be announced in conjunction with the iPhone in August/September.