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Apple Watch sales reportedly surpassed seven million

Apple decided not to release sales figures for the Apple Watch in its first quarter report, but analyst firm Global Equities Research claims the company has sold seven million units to date.

Out of the reported seven million sales, Apple has only managed to ship 2.5 million units to customers. Issues in the supply line alongside the order online fiasco forced Apple to delay some units until late June to early July.

Even with the delays in shipping, the Apple Watch is the company’s most successful launch to date. It has managed higher unit sales than the iPhone or iPad, although that is mostly due to Apple’s brand becoming much more recognisable since 2007. The Apple Watch also launched in a few new countries.

The Apple Watch Sport is undoubtedly the most popular of the three models, fetching over half of all the seven million sales. In earlier reports, it was noted the black sports strap was also the most popular, followed by the Milanese Loop.

Apple plans to launch some new models next year, including a titanium, ceramic and silver model alongside the aluminium, stainless steel and gold from this year’s collection. It also has new ideas for the straps, potentially adding third-party support through its debugging port located near the strap on the Apple Watch.

Even with the sales surpassing all other smartwatches, Apple still has to make the watch useful for everyday users. It needs to keep users engaged in short burst everyday, or risk being thrown in the draw alongside a lot of the other wearable gadgets that didn’t make the cut.