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Businesses switching to digital boardroom software for added mobility

Diligent, the supplier of boardroom level digital services, has reported that its electronic board portal has been well-received by users.

The New York-based company aims to provide paperless solutions to boardroom issues in order to improve speed, flexibility and mobility.

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One of Europe’s largest IT service providers Computacenter has used Diligent Boards to help solve its boardroom challenges. Previously, the firm required in excess of 1,000 sheets of paper for their board packs, all of which had to be accurately compiled. The documents frequently weighed up to one kilogram each and late additions often meant that last minute changes or delays were required.

By switching to a digital solution, Computacenter has severely cut the amount of time wasted on administration without radically altering the traditional practices at boardroom level. In fact, Digital Boards uses proprietary software to convert documents into files, meaning that board packs viewed through the software still look like the original document. It also provides easier navigation and the option to modify pages without disruption.

Louise O’Sullivan, a personal assistant at Computacenter believes that investing in digital boardroom solutions has been money well spent.

“From our perspective in Company Secretariat, the Diligent Boards solution gives us back nearly three days of work that used to be spent compiling information, or waiting for information to come in. I often work from home and the Diligent Boards solution gives me the flexibility to create books from home and send out last-minute additions quickly and easily,” she said.

As well as enhanced flexibility, digital boardroom platforms can update automatically and provide additional features such as questionnaires to help drive further insights from board meetings. Information from previous meetings can also be accessed easily.

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Although companies may be concerned about the potential security issues surrounding hosting their boardroom information digitally, various levels of encryption are usually provided to safeguard against potential threats.