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Comcast faces new investigation over NBC Universal deal

US Internet service provider Comcast is being investigated by government regulators for breaching 2011 agreements established during the purchase of NBC Universal.

The New York Post reports that both the Federal Communications Commission and the Justice Department are considering taking action against the company.

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The allegations surfaced during the review of Comcast’s now-abandoned plan to acquire Time Warner Cable.

Amongst the complaints being investigated are reports that Comcast forced programmers to sell content to the company’s digital division at the same or better rate than they sold it to other distributors. Comcast is also believed to have asked the other owners of Hulu (21st Century Fox and Disney) not to sell the service, which violates its agreement not to interfere with the online streaming service.

A source close to the investigation told the New York Post that regulators will have a significant amount of evidence to work with.

“They’re sitting on a ton of potential evidence,” the source explained. “They’re asking themselves if they can create a separate proceeding or whether they need a new complaint to allow [the evidence] to be introduced.”

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However, the FCC has hit upon a stumbling block while examine the new allegations. Comcast has already been fined $800,000 for failing to adhere to one of its 2011 agreements, after it was found guilty of inadequate promotion of other broadband services. Investigators will therefore have to decide whether Comcast has already faced significant punishment or if a new set of proceedings should be opened.

Image Credit: Mike Mozart