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Microsoft finally reveals prices for Windows 10 Home, Pro editions

After ducking and dodging all questions related to the price of Windows 10, Microsoft has finally revealed the prices for Windows 10 Home and Pro editions. Microsoft plans to release Windows 10 on July 29.

Most consumers will be able to snag Windows 10 for free through the promotion on Windows 7, 8 and 8.1. Microsoft claims this is the best way to acquire Windows 10, although for build-your-own PC projects Home will cost $119 and Pro will cost $199.

That should translate to around £89 for Windows 10 Home in the UK and £159 for Pro. There is also a cost for switching to Pro from Windows 10 Home, an extra $99, or around £59 in the UK.

The prices are not great considering once the free year ends for Windows 7 customers, it is highly likely more than 40 per cent will still remain loyal to the older system. Microsoft will have a hard time convincing customers that didn’t want a free trial to cough up £100-odd for upgrade a few years later.

OEM partners will most likely receive cheaper deals for bulk Windows 10 keys, meaning the price of a new machine won’t reflect the higher cost for the operating system. We expect PC building services will also offset some of the cost of Windows 10, perhaps with a kind donation from Microsoft to keep prices lower.

Microsoft clearly wants users to embrace the free offer with these higher prices. Windows 8 launched with a starting price of under £25, making it a good deal for anyone looking to upgrade. Only 15 per cent decided to do that, forcing Microsoft to go mostly free this time.

There are still other upgrades available, including Windows 10 Enterprise, Education, Internet of Things and Mobile. The latter two will most likely be free updates for developers, and the two former will have prices/subscriptions tagged onto the services.

Windows 10 offers a wide range of new features, including the virtual assistant Cortana, the revived Start Menu, multi-tasking controls, Microsoft Edge and a revamped Xbox App.