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The hiring process just got a lot smarter

Business intelligence tools are usually thought of in terms of marketing and strategic decision making. Using them for other tasks like recruitment has usually meant links to other products and significant manual input.

Now though, recruitment software specialist Gild is launching a BI solution specifically for hiring, applying predictive analytics and insight to every stage of the process, delivering 360-degree information and customised reports to help every make better decisions.

"There's a sea change coming to talent acquisition that's similar to the transformation marketing automation tools created in how companies go to market", says Sheeroy Desai, CEO of Gild. "By arming each person involved in the hiring process with the real-time information to become more effective, Business Intelligence for Hiring eliminates the need for a dedicated business analyst or costly, separate BI application. As an integral part of The Gild Platform, our new BI solution lets everyone see the data that matters most as well as data they never had access to before - whether it's understanding which sources produce the best candidates, where recruiting campaigns are most successful, how employees are performing or where resources are being spent. And because we offer data in a form that's both meaningful and easy to understand, companies can now get a truly accurate overview of their entire business ecosystem".

Delivered as part of the Gild smart recruitment platform, BI for Hiring is made up of persona-specific dashboards that can be customised for each hiring role from CEOs to recruiters.

For example CEOs can assess the return on investment of each hiring expense, benchmark performance against that of similar businesses and make educated decisions about where to focus resources and what strategies to pursue over time. Finance officers can understand the fiscal impact of hiring on budgets and the bottom line, identify expensive errors and optimise the hiring process for the most cost-effective return.

Departmental managers are able to access data about how hiring and firing rates impact each team, which factors affect productivity the most and which areas need improvement and optimisation. Over time recruiters can boost their personal productivity and make better hiring decisions by understanding the impact of their role on the business.

Gild Business Intelligence for Hiring is available from today to existing users of the Gild platform. You can find out more on the company's website.

Photo Credit: Adam Gregor/Shutterstock