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Tidal searching for partners to expand streaming business

Music streaming service Tidal was in talks with Rhapsody before relaunching and might still be in talks with European services like Deezer or Rdio for some sort of partnership.

The partnership would offer Tidal’s exclusive contracts with several artists to the streaming services, in return for promoting Tidal in these countries.

Even though Jay Z acquired Tidal from a Norwegian-based company, the highest amount of subscribers come from the US. Jay Z also revealed 770,000 subscribers, although 2/3’s come from Aspiro’s previous customers.

That might be a hard sell for Tidal, considering other services like Rdio and Deezer have a few million subscribers. Tidal also lacks Sony Music on its portfolio, weakening the overall amount of music available on the service.

Tidal should be focused on promoting its brand to new customers, but it seems like most of the media attention is centered on Jay Z’s attacks on competitors, claiming other companies are creating anti-campaigns against Tidal.

Whether this is true remains to be seen, although Spotify CEO Daniel Ek has shown a bit of animosity to Tidal’s service. He claims the freemium model does work, and Tidal’s attitude towards advertising in music is upsetting.

Tidal offers two tiers: £10 per month for lossless quality music ( which is music that sounds the way the artists and the producers want it to sound, not compressed for digital services like iTunes and Spotify) and £20 per month for CD quality music. It has no free package, but its platform comes with a variety of free features includung music videos, exclusive content and early access to tickets.