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Vanity Fair used computer disconnected from the internet to stop Caitlyn Jenner photo leak

So the Olympic gold medallist Bruce Jenner is now Caitlyn Jenner, after the famed athlete decided to change his gender.

He (or I should say she), decided to put an end to the whole story by appearing on the cover of the Vanity Fair magazine and has thus gained icon status in the American society.

But there’s another background story, equally interesting and equally important – just how did Vanity Fair manage to keep those photos from leaking to the public before it hits the stands?

Mashable found out, and it’s an endeavour of almost epic proportions.

First, staff forced attendees at the photo shoot to turn over their phones. Just so, you know, the shoot doesn’t end up on Periscope or Instagram.

Then, the photos were stored and done on a single computer, disconnected from the Internet completely.

The story gets even crazier, as the computer was never left unattended: each night, they were placed on a thumbdrive and deleted from the computer before, eventually, being hand-delivered to the printer.

The security measures obviously worked, as the photos of Caitlyn haven’t leaked. However, People was able to report a few days in advance (without too many details) that Jenner would be appearing on the Vanity Fair cover, which means that someone couldn’t keep his / her mouth closed.

This goes to show how much the magazine was concerned about leaks and security issues.

VF's original tweet of the cover has been retweeted more than 145,000 times in approximately four hours.

Sead Fadilpašić

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