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Windows 10 Home will upgrade when it wants to

Microsoft's Windows 10 is almost here, and we've been bombarded with information on how this will be the most awesome operating system ever. New browser, Cortana, tons of new features have all been in the centre of our attention for the past couple of months.

We have also reported on how Microsoft decided to push a “reserve my Win 10” button into the system tray of many Windows users, helping people book their copy in advance.

But the company has also said, in various occasions, how Windows is set to also lose a couple of features, and there are also some setbacks in using the new OS. But that information always seems to drown in the sea of positives.

First of all, users will lose a couple of apps. Say goodbye to Windows Media Player (although I’m not entirely sure if this is a negative or a positive). Microsoft also broke my heart by removing the Hearts card game from the OS.

Using a floppy disc means you will have to download additional drivers, and it seems as playing DVDs will also require a player, considering that Windows Media Player is gone. Microsoft manager Gabriel Aul has said on Twitter that a DVD option for Windows 10 is coming "later this year," but early upgraders can always download VLC instead.

However, when it gets to updates, that’s where Microsoft really ruined it – Windows 10 Home users won’t be able to choose if they want an update to be installed or not – nor will they be able to choose when the update happens. Updates will instead be downloaded and installed automatically as soon as they're available.