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YouTube sees the future in mobile

Mobile phones are completely taking over every aspect of our lives, and where some see trouble, others see opportunity.

For YouTube, people increasingly switching to mobile is an opportunity for growth. That’s basically what the company’s head of content and business operations, Robert Kyncl, said to a small group of European journalists during a Google Hangouts conference call.

YouTube’s focus in the coming decade will be nothing but mobile.

“For us, most of our focus is on mobile: product development for mobile, content development for mobile, making sure mobile video works on carrier networks all around the world. It’s all mobile, mobile, mobile,” The Guardian quotes Kyncl saying.

“It’s a very difficult place to figure out, yet at the same time a massive opportunity, because consumers love engaging with those devices,” says Kyncl.

“We think it’s all about mobile, and that’s where we’re putting most of our efforts across the board … We think that phone is the remote control for your life, and it’s definitely the remote control for your video.”

But when it comes to growth, especially in mobile video, YouTube doesn’t only see the developed world, but the developing one, as well.

“Today, one of our big activities around the world is making YouTube accessible to as many people as possible, and we’re striking a lot of agreements with telcos in emerging markets who can reach another billion people,” says Kyncl.

“We’re working with them to make video – including YouTube and other services – a lot more cost-effective to access. Many of those folks won’t have TVs, they won’t have tablets. They’ll just have phones.”