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Microsoft acquires Wunderlist, popular productivity app

Microsoft has made another small acquisition earlier this week, acquiring 6wunderkinder, the German developer team behind to-do list app Wunderlist.

One of the most popular apps on iOS, Android and every other conceivable platform, Wunderlist has won plenty of awards and been around for over four years.

It offers a variety of to-do features allowing users to keep on top of day to day activities. Wunderlist also offered versions for family and businesses, allowing shared files and dates. Wunderlist will remain active post-acquisition.

Wunderlist has over 13 million active users, but over the past year hasn’t seen a large growth in users. Professional services have seen some growth, but not enough to keep the German company from packing up and selling.

Microsoft has been on a rampage of acquiring small startups for talent, previously acquiring Acompli, Parature and Sunrise for under $300 million. The most recent acquisition price is undisclosed, but analysts claim Wunderlist was sold for less than $250 million.

It is not clear if Microsoft wants these small studios for the talent or the new cross-platform apps. Wunderlist would make a good addition to the Microsoft services bundle, although it might need a name change to fit with Office and OneDrive.

That said, Skype has remained mostly the same since the acquisition. Wunderlist should be able to tap into Outlook, Office and other applications and pull relevant data onto the to-do list, if Microsoft allows the developers to utilise information from Microsoft accounts.