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Skype messaging bug crashes app and stops it opening again

Skype users have discovered a bug that crashes the video messaging software every time a specific 8-character message is sent.

In fact, the flaw is so damaging that once the message has been received, the app will crash every time users sign in.

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The fault was initially discovered by a Skype user known as “Giperion,” who noted in the Skype Community Forums that the posting of “http://:” (without the quotes) caused the program to stop working. Clearing your chat history does not solve the issue either, as Skype simply re-downloads it from its servers, instigating the crash all over again.

A number of temporary fixes have been proposed should you find yourself the victim of this particular bug. You need to ask the person who sent you the offending message to delete it and then you have to install an older version of Skype. So far, the bug has been found to affect Windows, iOS and Android versions of the software, but not Skype for Mac or the Skype app on Windows 8.x and 10.

A spokesperson for Skype told VentureBeat that the company is aware of the problem and is working to provide a resolution.

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The Skype problem swiftly follows a similar issue discovered with Apple's iPhones, dubbed the “effective power” message. Once again, sending a series of specific symbols from one iPhone to another will crash the recipients messaging app and cause the handset to restart.