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Sony planning 1TB PS4 launch very soon

Sony currently sells the PS4 with 500GB of internal storage, but a new 1TB model might be coming to E3. The global video games event is one of the best places to announce new products and the 1TB PS4 should be one of the highlights of the event.

Even though it is possible to add a much larger storage drive to the PS4 manually, the 1TB will automatically have double the storage of the current model. This should be useful for gamers regularly downloading games from the PlayStation Store, instead of buying boxed copies of the video game at retail stores.

The Federal Communications Commission filing by Sony shows the design of the new PS4 is lighter, possibly due to the removal of the Blu-Ray disc or from some enhancements to the weight of the console.

Sony has not revealed any plans to revamp the fleet of PS4 units, although we can expect the 1TB model will fit alongside the regular 500GB model for £50 to £100 more. Microsoft previously launched a limited edition 1TB Xbox One, but it was quickly took off sale.

Considering most PC gamers own rigs with 2TB of HDD or 512GB of SSD, the inclusion of only a 500GB HDD is quite sad, especially when games like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Destiny and Titanfall require over 30GB of internal storage to start off.

Sony has also made it clear it has no plans to store some of this data on the cloud, despite owning a cloud gaming system and having the technology to store backup, update and some of the game’s data inside the cloud.

E3 should be the start of the video games hype for 2015, although following The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt game developers will need to pull out something special to be awarded any praise.