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US Army testing a tiny, £26,000 recon drone

The US Army is testing a device that we’re used to seeing in Batman movies and not real life.

The PD-100 Black Hornet is a drone that fits in the palm of your hand, is stored on your belt, and is capable of flying around with regular and thermal cameras, sending the data to the owner in real-time.

It is 18 grams light, and can be piloted via one-handed controller. It can also pilot itself to pre-selected points, and can stay airborne for approximately 25 minutes.

US Army Special Forces has been testing out a handful of the palm-size PD-100 Black Hornet drones from Norway's Prox Dynamics, according to Defense One.

The US Army has expressed interest in working with the PD-100 or something like it for at least the past several months, according to a press release.

British Forces in Afghanistan have already used the PD-100.

In case you are interested in feeding your inner Batman, you will need something like Wayne Enterprises behind you, as this little devil costs $40,000 (about £26,000).

The US Military is pushing drones and robots into combat at increased pace. We’ve already seen what the robot mule can do, as well as those robot-fish it tested recently that will be used to scout submarines and boats without causing suspicion.

And when you combine it with augmented reality and a couple of exoskeletons, it’s only a matter of time before Batman becomes a reality. The only question is, who will be the real-life Joker.