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Valve finally announces 14 day refunds for any Steam game

Even though Steam is the most popular PC platform for buying games, Valve holds a poor reputation amongst gamers for its lacklustre support and refund policy.

The former might not change any time soon, but Valve is looking to soothe the refund problems with a new 14 day policy for all games. The refund will include DLC, in-game purchases, pre-purchased titles and Steam Wallet payments.

This is a massive change from Valve’s previous no-refund policy. Other PC gaming platforms like Origin and uPlay both offer better support services, meaning Valve had to catch up to keep customers happy.

Games, DLC, pre-purchased titles and Steam Wallet money all fit in the 14 day policy, as long as the user hasn’t spent over two hours on the game/DLC and has not manipulated, edited or changed the content since buying it.

For in-game purchases, the refund policy will only last 48 hours. Customers must make sure they have not used or customised the in-game item since buying it, to have the refund approved.

Game bundles can be refunded, as long as the time spent playing all games in the bundle is under two hours. Customers have 14 days to ask for a refund for bundles.

Movies, gifts and purchases outside of Steam will not fit under the refund umbrella.

Valve will roll out the new refund policy across all countries and claims it should be able to tackle all requests within 48 hours. This is rich coming from the company incapable of getting back to customers in seven days on simple questions about VAC and false payments, but Valve might be upgrading its support staff with this refund policy change.

Customers routinely looking for refunds might be blocked from asking, alongside those trying to abuse the support system.