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Vimeo adds on-demand monthly subscription for channel creators

Content creators on Vimeo are unfortunately not compensated as much as YouTube video creators, but a new subscription paywall should allow channels to start making a living on the platform.

Vimeo made a similar move in 2013, allowing content creators to charge a price for on-demand videos, like short documentaries and amateur films. Vimeo would take a small 10 per cent cut of the profits, much less than YouTube’s 30 per cent.

The new subscription service allows channels to make a monthly salary from viewers interested in the content being published. Vimeo has not said how much it will take from the monthly subscription fee.

YouTube solved the problem of revenue with ad sharing, but Vimeo has taking a strong stance against video ads. Even though Vimeo is nowhere near as popular as YouTube, professionals and filmographers seem to prefer Vimeo’s light and sleek video player.

Vimeo revealed some impressive numbers before announcing the new subscription service, with 600,000 content creators paying for Vimeo’s pro tools, half a million purchasing content on the service and over 20,000 on-demand videos.

The new subscription service should also push some content creators from YouTube to Vimeo, if the plan is to move away from advertising. Those content creators would have to put a lot of faith in returning viewers from YouTube.

The rise of Patreon for YouTube shows that viewers do not want to see pre-roll ads, and will sometimes pay a small amount per month and use AdBlock. Content creators that use Patreon normally turn off ads altogether on YouTube videos, since utilising both forms of revenue is a tad scummy.