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What can we expect from the upcoming iOS9

Well Google has announced the imminent release of the Android M, the next version in the Android OS universe, and Apple is still here, flapping its hands.

No, of course it's not simply flapping its hands, it's working long and hard to bring everyone the next version of the iOS because why should it let Google have all the fun?

We're expecting the company to announce iOS 9 during the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference, set to take place on 8 June, but before that happens, there are a lot of expectations and predictions to what the new OS might bring.

Here's what we know so far:

Apple Pay

Apple is expected to announce a rewards scheme for its Apple Pay customers (only US citizens so far, as the service is still unlikely to cross the pond). It's unclear whether this will consist of voucher codes or free products after a certain number of purchases, but all will presumably be revealed on the big day.

Force Touch

„May the Force Touch be with you“, we will all soon be saying, but this force has nothing to do with choking people without actually touching them. Force Touch is a technology we've already seen in both the new MacBook's trackpad and Apple Watch, and it's essentially a haptic feedback system which detects how hard you press on a surface, resulting in a weak or strong vibration, replicating the feeling you'd get if you clicked in an actual button. Considering it's hardware-related, I'm guessing we'll be able to use this on upcoming devices only.

Split Screen

Android already has it, so the iOS should, too. The split screen function allows two apps (or maybe even three, four?) to be opened and used simultaneously.

Bugs, performance

We’re not expecting any major visual upgrades to the OS, but bug and stability fixes will definitely be implemented.