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FireTweet brings Twitter to China

There's a new app in town which bypasses China's strict Internet policies and allows the Chinese to use Twitter.

The app is called FireTweet, it's currently available on the Android platform and was built by the same team which brought Lantern.

The launching of the app coincides with the Tiananmen Square Massacre, when China’s troops attacked and killed students protesting in the square in 1989.

Lantern is a peer-to-peer internet circumvention tool that provides unrestricted web access to censored regions like China and Iran. FireTweet works by automatically integrating with Twitter and Lantern, offering the full experience of the micro-blogging site to the 35.5 million Twitter users in China.

China is well known for its Internet censorships. The government often blocks blogs and websites criticizing the state, and it is most rigorously enforced in early June in order to prevent report or discussion of the events of 4 June 1989.

As a result 4 June is now sarcastically referred to as Internet Maintenance Day.

The FireTweet website says the app is free to download, has no ads, requires no extra set-up, and gives full Twitter experience to users in regions where Twitter is blocked.

The app automatically integrates with Twitter and users can go for an existing account or create a new one. All HTTP traffic is routed through a distributed network of direct proxies, it adds.

Lantern's efforts to advance internet freedom have led to support from the US State Department as part of a programme run together with the US Agency for International Development, IB Times writes in a report.