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Samsung Galaxy S6 to benefit from premium aluminium finish

The switch to metal was a long-awaited one with Samsung’s flagship handset, and now it seems that the Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge will be getting an even more premium finish courtesy of a new supplier.

Alcoa is the supplier in question, having announced today that it will be providing Samsung with a high strength, aerospace-grade aluminium for its flagship smartphones. It’s the first time the phone vendor has used aluminium for the chassis of its Galaxy S range.

The specific type of aluminium is 6013 Alcoa Power Plate, which the firm says is 70 per cent stronger than the standard aluminium used in other phones, meaning the Galaxy S6 can be sleeker and thinner, but still remain durable.

CTO and Executive Vice President of Mobile Communication at Samsung, DJ Koh, commented: “When we designed the metal framed Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, it was important to find a strong yet light metal that would create a device capable of exciting our customers. Alcoa’s Power Plate is the perfect fit to create the phones that our customers want: thinner, lighter, and stronger.”

Alcoa notes that its Power Plate been tested extensively in aerospace as well as military settings, and can withstand the abuse that mobile devices have inflicted upon them when used in those fields.

Galaxy S6 phones featuring Alcoa’s aluminium are now on sale worldwide, and the phone manufacturer will certainly be hoping that the premium finish will help to shift more units.

Lately, the rumour mill has been spinning with tales of how the S6 models are faltering, with the latest rumour being that the company is cutting Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge production by 16 per cent.