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Third-gen Moto X to feature 5.7-inch screen, quad-HD display

Leaked images of the third-generation Moto X are starting to appear online, alongside rather impressive specifications for Motorola’s 2015 flagship device.

The first flagship launched under Lenovo’s leadership, the new Moto X might focus less on the design and more on the internals powering the device. Insiders claim the device will feature a 5.7-inch 2K display, much larger than the previous model.

Inside the device, the Moto X will run on an unknown Snapdragon chipset, either 808 or 810. We expect the former, given almost every manufacturer is having trouble incorporating the Snapdragon 810. The device will also feature 3GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage (21GB usable) and USB Type-C charging port.

It is disappointing to hear the Moto X will take 11GB of storage in the installation, although this might be due to beta software on the device. Motorola might be able to lower the size with compression, alongside an update to Android M.

The inclusion of USB Type-C also points to a quick upgrade to Android M, since the new software update natively supports the USB 3.1 standard.

Motorola is planning to continue the wooden backs on the Moto X, according to the leaked photos. No word on where the Moto X will be manufactured, although it is highly likely Lenovo’s factories in China will take the bulk of the work.

Source: Total Tech