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WikiLeaks offering $100,000 reward for Obama's TPP deal

WikiLeaks is offering $100,000 (£64,000) reward for all of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal, the secretive Obama plan to remove some regulations and create large partnerships between public and private sector.

The trade deal is currently unavailable for public viewing. Anyone allowed to view the document is forced to remove all photographic equipment and is not allowed to take notes or reveal any parts of TPP to anyone.

Several critics of the deal claim this will be bad for public health and business regulations, although without the full document is it impossible to know the benefits and drawbacks of such a trade agreement.

WikiLeaks has already released part of the trade agreement, but is crowdsourcing a large reward for anyone with the full document. We are not sure if monetary incentive is what whistleblowers are after nowadays, but it might convince someone to come forward.

The last release by WikiLeaks caused a major distribution in the trade deal, leading to activist groups going against the deal and campaigning. The effects of releasing the full deal could be catastrophic, especially for President Obama if the deal somehow harms American jobs and business.

Like all WikiLeaks documents, anyone willing to submit must go through the Tor browser and set up encrypted login details to make sure nobody can track IP.