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Daily Deal: 53 per cent off a Yamaha YAS-203 wireless soundbar and subwoofer

Well done guys, we've made it to Friday! Today's daily deal is a quality speaker system from Yamaha. These wireless speakers provide outstanding depth and richness, whilst the subwoofer adds that all important bass.

As well as stunning audio output, the styling is a sleek and modern design. The low-profile soundbar allows it to be positioned in front of a TV. It is definitely a must have for any household and can be yours for £199.99.

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The soundbar boasts a digital amp and two 5.5cm cone speakers with large magnets to ensure high sound clarity. Despite the slim design of the soundbar, Yamaha's enhance Bass Extension Processing delivers all the bass you could want.

In addition, by using the remote supplied with the speakers you can adjust the settings of the speakers to deal with different circumstances and include, Bass Extension, Clear Voice, Uni Volume". An example of implementing this would be for talk shows, or dialogue heavy shows and films, by turning the setting to Clear Voice, the quality of the speech is audibly improved.

With a discount of 53 per cent (a saving of £230) this is a complete steal for such a well built and high quality speaker system as you would expect from a company such as Yamaha.

You can take advantage of the deal by clicking on the 'buy now' buttons above and below.

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