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LinkedIn design concept provides ‘improved user experience’

A third-party designer has come up with a new LinkedIn concept which he claims will improve user experience and make the site easier to navigate.

The social network is an important networking tool in the professional sphere, enabling businesses to interact with current and potential employees.

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However, it has been criticised by some from a design point of view. As a result, Australia-based designer Flavio Argemi and agency Zero have created a prototype overhaul of the site’s user interface, which they believe improves its execution.

"Created in collaboration with innovation agency Zero, this concept for LinkedIn explores an improved user experience and interface for the professional network, while introducing new tools and considering how we might undertake business in the future," Argemi said.

The redesign incorporates a new dashboard and voice commands to improve usability across mobile devices. A new AI system has also been introduced which monitors user behaviour in real time in order to deliver content specifically tailored to them. “LiveTranslate” functionality also helps networking occur even when language barriers are proving an issue.

LinkedIn has already undergone a number of design refreshes over the years, with the most recent occurring in January of this year. The overhaul included a number of changes to the user profile section, in particular a larger photo and the option of a background image, both of which drew comparisons with other social networks like Facebook.

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Although it is unlikely that LinkedIn will decide to implement another set of changes any time in the near future, social networks continually refresh their user interfaces in order to keep up with changes in how their audiences consume content.