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London startup developing wearable to change user's mood

Most wearables are trying to capture all of the market, offering apps, phone calls, gesture dictation, alongside health and fitness features. A London startup wants to focus on one area of the wearable world: heart rate monitoring.

Instead of passively updating the user on their heart rate, Doppel plans to offer ways to change the user’s mood, through rhythm. The wearable will vibrate rhythmically, calming the user down or hyping them up depending on preference.

Similar to pressing a pin against your finger to cheat a polygraph test, the rhythmic beat should be able to change the mood. Users will be able to change the tempo and intensity of the beat through gestures or the connected app.

Doppel has not said if the app will be available for iOS and Android. The wearable will not feature any user interface, apart from the gestures to change the intensity and tempo.

Psychologists at the Royal Holloway University have already tested the wearable, with the early tests showing “improved focus, alertness and reaction times.”

Doppel will launch a Kickstarter on June 16 for the wearable, although the details on the price of the wearable and how much the Kickstarter needs to be successful are still unknown.

Smartwatches like the Apple Watch and LG Watch Urbane try to offer all of the applications and uses several wearables offer, but bundling all these features together means the quality is degraded.

For customers that only want one specific feature, Doppel’s wearable will most likely be much cheaper than the Apple Watch and other smartwatches on the market.