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Lycos unveils new fitness band and smart ring

Lycos has announced that it is launching a new smart wristband and ring.

If you don’t remember Lycos, it was a search engine back in the mid-90s when the web was in its early days and AltaVista was the big name – and the company is now trying to reinvent itself in the wearables game.

To that end, we are witnessing the launch of Lycos Life, a new range of wearable devices along with a free app, and the first pieces of hardware in this line-up will be the fitness band and ring.

The Life Band is described by the company as an “advanced fitness monitor”, and it tracks all the expected metrics such as steps taken, calories burned, and heart rate. The device also allows you to set goals, and will provide motivation in terms of achieving them.

The smart band also offers a personal security manager, enabling the user to store passwords for their favourite apps and websites, plus it boasts the usual ferrying of notifications and suchlike from your handset.

And Tap2Transfer capabilities mean that you can instantly and securely share information, such as giving a friend a phone number or navigation directions, by simply tapping the gadget to a smartphone (using NFC).

The ring offers the same functionality save for the fitness monitor capabilities.

Interestingly, the gadgets can identify the wearer simply by evaluating the way they move using on-board sensors, and the software is capable of learning about the user, and their preferences and behaviour, for a more personalised wearable experience.

Brad Cohen, president and chief strategy officer of Lycos, commented: “The most valuable commodity in life is time and this technology helps Lycos Life users maximise their time by making smarter and more informed decisions using the data they receive from Lycos Life.”

The devices are apparently coming out in the States next week, priced at $125 (£80) for the wristband and $60 (£39) for the ring.

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