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Nest Labs holding press event on June 17

Nest Labs is sending invites to press for an event on June 17, the first event since Google’s acquisition of the smart home company for £2.1 billion last year.

Even though the press invite is shrouded in anonymity, there have been rumors Nest is testing audio devices. It has also been working on Google Glass, following the removal of the Explorer Edition from Google’s store.


There are other potential announcements, like a new thermostat or even a new smart home device. Nest Labs acquired Dropcam for £360 million after the Google deal, meaning it could be a camera monitoring system launch.

Google announced Project Brillo last week at Google I/O, a new Internet of Things platform capable of running devices with under 64MB of RAM. It also announced Weave, a common language for smart devices.

Nest might announce Project Brillo compatibility on ‘Works with Nest’ devices. This would be a large announcement in itself, showing Project Brillo already has a range of devices capable of speaking to one another.

That said, Google announced Project Brillo just one week ago and plans to launch the platform in the third quarter. It would be a bit odd to see a whole range of smart home companies instantly integrate with the new platform.

Hopefully Nest announces something worth the event, instead of an update to hardware or a new software change.