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Sony leaks details of upcoming SmartBand 2

Following rumours that Sony was readying a sequel to its SmartBand fitness gadget, we now have confirmation of the SmartBand 2 thanks to the company accidentally sending the companion app live on the Google Play store.

Android Police spotted the listing for the SmartBand 2 app – which was swiftly pulled by Sony – and it revealed some of the features of the upcoming device.

The wristband will have a heart rate sensor on the underside, measuring the user's pulse throughout the day, and there’s also the capability to monitor your recovery process following a workout.

We also saw in the screenshots posted with the app that there will be a smart wake up feature, which is presumably some sort of way of gently waking you up (at the most appropriate time in your sleep cycle, possibly).

While the gadget will work optimally with Sony Xperia smartphones, it will still be compatible with other Android handsets.

The original SmartBand required a phone running Android 4.4 or better, with 1GB of RAM or more. It is IP58 rated in terms of being waterproof. That device was followed up by the SmartBand Talk, which integrated Sony’s voice control technology, enabling the user to make short calls by hooking up with a phone via Bluetooth, and also to control the device more easily during a workout session.