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Intel Unite set to modernise the conference rooms

Modern offices are often anything but; many of them are straight out of the stone age. Hell, at many businesses, I half expect to see Fred Flintstone chiseling an email with a bird's beak! It is quite maddening that the world is chock full of amazing technology while office workers continue to use fax machines and meet in cramped conference rooms. There needs to be a better way to meet and collaborate.

Intel Unite may be that better way. This is a new solution aimed at converting old-school conference rooms into modern marvels. Best of all, the solution can be achieved using any mini PC powered by an Intel Core vPro processor. Users simply install the Unite software -- for both Windows and OS X -- and are off to the races.

"The Intel Unite solution offers virtually seamless collaboration from any location, and fast, simple meeting starts. Instead of having to rely on adapters or dongles, this new solution uses the existing wireless networks within the business to connect PCs to existing displays, projectors or interactive whiteboards via an Intel Core vPro processor-based mini PC with the Intel Unite software. Peer-to-peer sharing capabilities allow workers to collaborate outside the meeting room. Everyone, regardless of where they are in the world, can interact with the content and annotate with the image in real time, and then quickly and easily share files", says Intel.

The manufacturer further explains, "with the Intel Unite solution, meeting organizers share a unique, rotating PIN with users to allow them to join a session quickly, with security in mind. The PIN helps to identify proximity and owner, so organizers can determine who they will or won't allow onto their corporate network. The data is encrypted with 256-bit Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) ensuring that it remains in the conference network. The solution stays within the virtual walls of your business and is not dependent on additional vendor solutions".

As you can see in the above video, Intel's solution aims to make the process simple. Remember, not everyone is tech savvy; offices are full of employees with varying degrees of technological intelligence. It is important that such a solution is both sophisticated and secure while also being easy to use by all on a team.

Would this be a welcomed addition to your business? Tell me in the comments.