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Apple's WWDC event to finally feature women on stage

Apple CEO Tim Cook has confirmed the Worldwide Developer Conference 2015 will feature female speakers on stage, said Tim Cook in an interview at the WWDC Scholarship Program.

Speaking to Mashable, Cook said diversity is “the future of our company,” slamming the tech community for not promoting coding and technology for women. “I think the most diverse group will produce the best product, I firmly believe that.”

Even with these fighting words for the future of tech and coding, Apple is still not a glowing example of a diverse company. Its diversity report showed 70 per cent male and 55 per cent white, not great numbers for a company looking to lead the tech industry.

Cook declares that the industry needs more female role models to build the grassroots of further diversity. He also claims scholarships, programs for women and other incentives should push numbers higher, both in and out of Apple.

When asked if WWDC 2015 would feature any female speakers, Cook said “Look tomorrow and tell me what you think.” A rather large hint that more than one female speaker will be up on stage.

Even though tokenism is frowned upon, hopefully the inclusion of women and other minorities is naturally woven into the WWDC conference. Apple has branched out their line of speakers over the past few years, meaning management leaders and team leaders are able to show off some of the new designs.

Google I/O was a real show of how diversity can be achieved in the tech world, with several female speakers showing off new features. What was great about I/O was the fact each executive was tied directly to the product, not just some speaker from part of the organisation that doesn’t understand the demo.