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Former Apple employees are not that good at start-ups

Here's an interesting fact: ex-Apple employees have spawned 50 per cent fewer start-ups than Google ex-employees.

It's pretty weird – the company itself created some of the most innovating technology products in the world. It basically flipped the mobile industry upside down with the iPod, with the first iPhone, and is looking to do the same with the Watch.

However, as Julia Love from Mercury News puts it, it’s an “odd but undeniable fact: Apple, a seeming hotbed of creativity, has spawned surprisingly few high-profile start-ups.”

Matt MacInnis, a former Apple employee that founded his own company – Inkling, says secrecy is valued above all else at the company, and that’s a problem.

"I had a lot of bad habits when I came out of Apple," MacInnis said, recalling his reluctance to speak to the media and feeling like he had to make every decision himself. "It took me years to break them."

Venky Ganesan, a VC with Menlo Ventures, estimates for Love that ex-Apple employees have launched 50% fewer start-ups than other major companies like Google, Yahoo, and PayPal.

Business Insider asked Apple alum Tim Bucher what he thought about the story's arguments. Bucher, the founder and CEO of a photo storage and sharing start-up called Lyve, was once Apple's SVP of Macintosh engineering. He says that he thinks that the company used to have more of an entrepreneurial spirit internally than it does now.

"There are a lot of folks who just do what they’re told (and do it well) vs. expressing their opinions on what they truly believe should be done at Apple. You couple that with the fact that the company is doing so well and isn’t 'hungry,' and it can evolve into a non-entrepreneurial culture.”

The entire article, and a bunch of quotes from former Apple employees can be found here.