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Samsung’s mobile payment system will be on board Gear A smartwatch?

Samsung is planning to offer its own mobile payment system to rival Apple Pay, and the service will be on board a new smartwatch which the company is bringing out in the second half of 2015.

This is according to a Reuters report which doesn't name the smartwatch in question, but presumably it will be the Samsung Gear A. The report states that the mobile payment service will use NFC.

Previous speculation suggested that Samsung would launch a payment system alongside the Galaxy S6, which would use NFC and the handset's fingerprint scanner for authentication – obviously that didn't happen. As Reuters points out, the new rumour from the ever churning mobile mill is that July will see the launch of this service.

Samsung's Gear A will be a round-faced traditional watch (which are becoming more and more common in the quest to sell smartwatches to the general public) with a rotating circular bezel that will act as another way of accessing the interface aside from the small touchscreen.

According to details spilled in the SDK documentation, the watch will have a 1.65in display and a resolution of 360 x 360, and the expected plethora of sensors on board including a pressure sensor, magnetic sensor, and a heart rate monitor.

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