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What can we expect Apple to reveal at WWDC 2015?

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Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is just about to kick off, and with that in mind, here’s a quick reminder of the goodies we expect to be unveiled over in San Francisco.

Perhaps the biggest attraction for many will be our first glimpse of iOS 9 – but don’t expect too much from Apple’s next mobile OS, as changes will likely be fairly minor in the main. However, there has been some buzz that multitasking apps will be introduced, which would obviously be a major boon – particularly in the business world.

There are also whispers of a new feature by the name of Proactive, which is an info spewing Google Now rival that could also be shown off.

We’ll see the next iteration of OS X at WWDC 2015 too, of course, although very little details have been spilled about that thus far. Apple has commented that we should expect “incredible new technology” from its desktop OS as well as its mobile platform, but obviously Cupertino would say that.

Following the purchase of Beats, a new music streaming service is expected to be revealed, and if this does happen, it will be very interesting to see where Apple pitches the subscription price relative to Spotify.

On the hardware front, we may possibly see a new iMac if the rumour mill has got things right, and some even believe a Mac Pro refresh could be on the cards.

And the big one on the Apple Watch front will be the launch of the SDK for Apple’s smartwatch, which will open up a whole new world of native watch apps for owners of the gadget.

We may also hear more about Apple’s smart home plans, and a Home app for the iPhone that will act as a central hub for HomeKit devices (which for some, as we discussed in a recent article, will merely be another piece of bloatware).

If you want to watch the event kick off live, we’ve got instructions on how to watch right here, and we’ll also be providing our usual incisive live blog commentary on the same page.