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All the highlights from Apple’s WWDC 2015

As you’re doubtless aware, Apple’s big developer shindig took place yesterday – and maybe you want an overview of the highlights of what was revealed at WWDC 2015? If so, you’ve come to the right place…

Let’s start with one of the biggest unveils, namely iOS 9. The next incarnation of Apple’s mobile platform will indeed boast the previously rumoured multitasking features, allowing iPad users to work with two apps simultaneously side-by-side (or view a video, picture-in picture-style). That will obviously be a major boon for business users – and will particularly suit the larger (rumoured) iPad Pro.

Improvements are also being made to the very foundations of iOS 9 to eke out better battery life – Apple claims the typical user will get an extra hour of longevity – and there will be a low-power mode to further prolong your device’s juice.

Siri has also been enhanced with a design refresh complete with a Proactive feature which tries to intelligently anticipate information you might need, provide reminders and even suggest apps to launch based on your previous usage patterns, location or the time of day.

The Maps app is to be graced with public transport directions and schedules, and a new introduction is the News app, which Apple says will offer your digital news in the visually rich layout style of a print magazine. It will automatically collate all the stories you might be interested in for maximum convenience, and make suggestions of material based on your reading history.

As for OS X, the new version called El Capitan promises to boost system performance, and Apple’s graphics tech, Metal, is apparently set to boost system level rendering by up to 50 per cent.

The operating system’s various apps will also be made slicker, for example the Mail app will benefit from new smart suggestions that, for example, recognise events in a message and then allow the user to add them to their calendar with just a click.

On the Apple Watch front, watchOS 2 was revealed, with WatchKit allowing developers to create native apps which make use of the full functionality of Apple’s smartwatch.

A new Time Travel feature will let users rapidly scroll through upcoming events (or indeed past events) using the Digital Crown so they can quickly see what’s in the pipeline for the near future.

Operating systems aside, one of the other major announcements was that of Apple Music, the company’s much anticipated streaming music service. This will be integrated with Siri, so you’ll be able to instruct it to “play the best songs from the year 1984”, for example, and it will also suggest new music for you based on your past listening.

The streaming service will go live at the end of the month priced at $10 per month (the UK price isn’t yet confirmed) for a subscription, although you get the first three months for free to try Apple Music out.

It was also good to hear that Apple Pay is finally going to arrive in the UK in July, with a number of major retail outfits already signed up to support the service – including Boots, McDonald’s, Costa Coffee, BP, Marks & Spencer’s, Subway, Spar and many more.

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